Sunday, November 25, 2007

Worm Poop

I swear I'm not usually this obsessed with the poopage around our household. However....

I noticed that the Boston fern we brought in off the porch us looking like crap and has dead leaves falling all around it despite the fact that I'm watering it very well and it's not in the path of a heating vent.

And then, last night, I saw little brown balls on the floor around the tree. And a dead worm: a dead cankerworm. AHHHHHH!!!!

These are SPRING pests! And now they are confused about moving inside into the warmth, have hatched and defoliating my Boston fern, one of the few that has survived my lame watering schedule for a whole summer?!?!?! And dropping poop on my Grandma's chair!?!?

We are not amused. The Bacillus thuringiensis arrives tonight. Bug guts will be exploding soon after.

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Jennifer said...

I tell you this in the spirit of solidarity.

Couple days ago, Robin was amusing herself by taking pictures of the dogs out in the yard. She came in and sat down in my office to look at the pictures, scrolling through them and zooming in and stuff.

She comes up to me with one of them all zoomed in. "Hey Mommy, look behind Scruffy. There's a dead rat in the yard. What's that pink stuff coming out of its back?"

There. Feel better now?