Saturday, November 03, 2007

Anita, The Musical

Do you sing? A lot? I don't mean, "do you sing along with the radio?" (It is well established that I do and I'm serious about it) I mean, though, do you sing every day about whatever is going on at the time? I do that. A lot.

I sing about making dinner. I sing about Conor being cranky. I sing about Conor being bugged about me singing about Conor being cranky. I sing about going outside and all the things we're doing once we are out there. I can make up a song about anything, really.

Dave calls it living in "Anita, the Musical." Conor sometimes sings back to me (when he's not cranky at my singing. I can only sing after he's had breakfast. He does not appreciate morning musicals). His singing generally involves one high note and sometimes I can't even tell he's singing or he's squeaking. Nonetheless, he appreciates the music in our house.

But, along with Michael Chertoff, am I the only one who does that?


nancy said...

Both Norman and I sing about EVERYTHING. We have sung about everything you have mentioned here, as well as about pooping and peeing in the toilet.

Sadly, we did this even before The Girl came along ... although she has greatly changed the topics.

Jennifer said...

No, I don't do that. But I think Robin and Julia will enjoy your company very much if we see you this Christmas.

What I actually clicked in to say was:

Shouldn't it be Anita! The Musical?