Monday, November 12, 2007

Dining and Dressing

Sometimes I like to try new recipes like spinach pancakes, zucchini fritters, meatloaf, applecake, or cornbread.

Other times, I open a can of pasta sauce and boil some pasta. Salad is optional and the dressing is store bought.

Sometimes, I like to wear funky sweaters and low cut jeans with high heel boots. Or I pair an patterned empire waist shirt with nice black pants and kicky professional heels.

Other times, the goal is to Not Be Naked.

My friends and family notice when things are at the upper level. I explain, "I was trying to give a shit today." But no one really complains when things are at the more pedestrian pasta, not-naked state.

I don't know why lately I'm trying new recipes or trying to look less ugly. I don't know why I sometimes stop.

Sometimes, I don't want to analyze myself that completely.


nancy said...

My favorite thing about NaBloPoMo? Getting to read a post from Anita EVERY DAY!

I have to say that many, many, MANY days my goal is to not be naked.

Victoria said...

Many days my goal is to keep my Girlie from being naked. *grin* She has a problem with clothes. =)