Thursday, March 21, 2013

Part of the Craziness of Life with Twins

Here is a video I took last night of PART of our family.  I wanted to capture Fred playing with his tail, which is adorable, and then it just went crazier from there.

*Christopher dancing in his princess dress
*Bridget rushing to get her princess dress to dance, too.
*Christopher bringing out the popcorn popper toy
*Bridget's dress being very funky
*Patches wanting to get in the video, too

All the while, Fred is alternately chasing his tail and cleaning his face, and, um, another part.

I will add that last night, I amused myself when at 12:30 Christopher showed up to hop in bed with us.  I never anticipated that I would be saying to any of my children, "Take off your princess dress before you get in bed with us."

Thursday, March 07, 2013

The Kittehs

Twin kittens are much easier than twin human beings.

That may be obvious to some, but I want to make it clear to all.  Further, I realize that I am functioning as a mother to 3 human children, one dog, three cats, and six chickens.  Fortunately, I am wife to only one man--THANK GOD(dess)--but I am the mother of 13. There's something in the hierarchy of domesticated animals that identifies a mother-figure and for our animals, I am it.

Generally, it is fine.  Although the kitty wrestling match on my booty at 1 am is annoying.  And funny!  I reached over to pull George off my booty and accidentally scared him into the cat-leap-of-fear, which actually woke Dave up and made him giggle.

That is the unexpected and really fun part about the kittens.  After having children and seeing them go through their developmental stages, I have come to appreciate much more the developmental firsts for the kittens:  attacking toes under the blanket for the first (or 57th) time, chasing in circles the long furry thing that stalks behind them wherever they go, leaping when there is a sudden movement, deciding to wrestle/bite/lick/nap in repeated cycles with each other, and generally being the best TV show we have.  

The kittens have been the easiest addition to the family that we've made.  Indeed, I'd put the twin kittens on one side and the twin humans as anchors on either side of the Difficulty Scale of Growing the Family.

Yes, even though knitting has taken on new challenges, I am so happy I played my Crazy 8 and got those kittehs.  Now if we can just figure out how to keep Bridget from literally loving them to death.