Saturday, November 24, 2007

Vacation Constipation

The trip was wonderful; we had a great time and I will carry the memories of this Thanksgiving on my hips for quite a while. (Hips don't lie!)

However, I cannot poop on when I go on vacation. Or business conferences, for that matter. I can eat all the fruit, vegetables and fiber that will fit in my mouth, but the poopage is not happening.

After petting our whining-he-was-so-happy-to-see-us-when-we-arrived dog, I RAN to the bathroom. I would just like to say that I am very, very, VERY happy to back today.

Apparently, Conor also has this trait. So I'm not alone in being a freak of this nature.

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Anonymous said...

I'll tell you the secret: a warm water enema. Just take one of those enema squirtie things with you in your luggage. The distention of the rectum caused by the water will stimulate the gastro-colic reflex and get things moving quite nicely. Once you get used to pooping elsewhere (other than your own place) with a bit of help, you'll find that you may not always need to use assistance. It's all so psychological. :) Reminds me of men with 'shy bladder syndrome'. lol