Monday, November 26, 2007


I completely erased this entry. Because it sucked. Bleah.

I have had meetings all day long. I'm tired and the effort required to be witty is beyond my mental capacity.

My main memory of the day is walking behind my students as we approached the room for our meeting. All four of them stopped in front of the close door. I walked around them and opened the door so we could walk in.

I'm getting really tired of being the only person in the group that is willing to do the "menial" work.


Carroll said...

But Anita -- they obviously consider you a "Leader" :-)

Sorry you had a bad day. Forced blogging probably doesn't help.

Hugs from here,

Jennifer said...

Wow. That'

Maybe there's more to it or something, but from here it just screams "internalized entitlement."


Victoria said...

What would happen if you didn't open it next time? Just stand there and stare it too. =)

Anonymous said...

Not sure it's the 'menial' work. I first misread it as 'mental' work which it is. You've got to think in order to open a door. Any potted plant can do what the rest of them were doing. Now, hm, what ARE the cognitive abilities of Dracena marginata?