Saturday, November 10, 2007

My Relaxing Saturday

5:15 am: Hit the snooze when the alarm goes off.

6:00 am: Continue to hit snooze until decide to get up.

6:15 am: Go for a 5.5 mile run.

7:10 am: Come back from a great run and greet wonderful husband.

8:00 am: Eat yummy whole wheat waffles (husband made!) with fancy "real" maple syrup from Trader Joe's

8:45 am: Water broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprout plants in fall garden. Wonder if they will develop any vegetables before winter hits.

9:30 am: Play Spider Solitaire in home office.

9:45 am: Start planting 40 daffodil bulbs. Encourage Conor to "help" me.

10:15 am: Encourage Conor to "help" Daddy.

10:30 am: Continue to plant daffodils as Conor watches kids' TV.

11:00 am: Finish planting daffodils. Play hide and go seek in the front yard with an increasingly hide-and-go-seek-skilled pre-schooler.

11:30 am: Come inside and make chicken salad and reheat cabbage soup from earlier this week.

12:00 am: Eat lunch.

12:30 pm: Convince son that he wants to take a nap pointing out that if he REALLY didn't need one, he wouldn't be so cranky.

1:00 pm: Go to office to read meta-analysis article for class on Monday.

1:05 pm: Decide to water remaining pansies and to attend to the transplanted Osmanthus Fortuni.

1:20 pm: Decide that based on the new growth and flowers in November that Osmanthus would indeed be dancing a happy jig (if it could) because it's moved from full shade to full sun. Cut the zillion dead limbs out of the Osmanthus from being in full shade for 3 years.

2:00 pm: Go back to office to read meta-analysis paper.

2:10 pm: Resentfully play spider solitaire because I am doing school work on a Saturday afternoon.

2:20 pm: Read meta-analysis paper.

2:40 pm: Potentially admit to others that more spider solitaire was played.

3:30 pm: Finish reading interesting and relatively easy paper realizing that if one had not played spider solitaire would have finished earlier.

3:40 pm: Start cleaning nasty ass bathrooms.

4:15 pm: Fantacize about hiring housekeepers.

4:17 pm: Realistically evaluate cost of housekeepers to tolerance of bathing in nasty ass bathrooms. Decide to save money.

5:00 pm: Take shower.

5:15 pm: Crack open bottle of wine.

5:20 pm: Start dinner of zucchini fritters (yummy!), homemade refried beans (better yum this time than last) and soft chicken tacos (standard yum).

6:30 pm: Eat dinner.

7:00 pm: Blog for NaBloPoMo while son rolls around on floor following final Halloween candy binge and husband cleans kitchen.

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Victoria said...

You. Are. Busy! =)