Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Hide and Go Scare the Crap Out Of

We have recently begun to play Hide and Go Seek around here.

I hate to criticize my little snuggle bunny son, but his hide and go see skils are still developing. He's actually pretty good at finding places to hide, but then he laughs and jumps up and down and it takes all the guess work out of where he is.

Dave is quite a bit better. He is generous in his hiding in that he will pick a place that requires some effort to find, but it's still toddler accessible. His best location was hiding in Conor's bed under his blankets. That was a real hit with Conor and his toddler play date as I surmised by the hysterical laughter that ensued.

I, however, play for keeps. Although this may be a preview of the card games I will teach my son, I hide and go seek for real. I choose real hiding spots and don't "cough", snicker or move an inch to give a clue to where I am. And then, this is when I get a bit, well, some might call it sadistic.

Hint: the word "boo" is involved.

Or, as I'm sure Conor hears it.....BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

I would feel bad about it if it wasn't for the fact that a half second after Conor's eyes blare in shock and awe, he doubles over laughing. In fact he begs me to hide again. And I do, in the bedroom closet, the bathtub, and best yet---the front coat closet. (I scared Dave, too, when I jumped out of that one yelling BOOO!)

How much fun can that be for Conor, though?!? (A LOT! He likes it! I swear!) There are only a few times in your life you can be surprised by particular hiding spaces, especially in this small house. And then to be scared curl-less by one of the two people you trust most in the world?? How can that not be like the most fun SAFEST high rise, quick drop roller coaster on earth?

It's certainly a hoot for me. And I'm not really sadistic. How could that much fun be so bad?


Jennifer said...

Ugh! I soooo don't get that! I hate it when the girls try to scare me.

I also hate being tickled, but the girls love it, so I do it to them.

Maybe I should be scaring the crap out of them too, LOL!

Victoria said...

We love a slightly-sadistic version of Hide and Seek too. My Boy is really good at scaring me. =)

Anonymous said...

Hey Anita,
I'm a long time lurker, but just had to say this post cracked me up :) I'm sorry to say that when it comes to yelling out "Boo!" on unsuspecting suckers, I can totally give it but can't take it. *Hangs head*. I loooove doing it to my boyf - endless amusement on my part. But when someone does it to me I usually end up annoyed because I am too unsuspecting and get scared too easily. Pathetic, yes.
Glad to hear that Conor is a much better sport than I would be! Your games of Hide and Seek sound like heaps of fun :)
- - Ellie

Anita said...

Welcome Lexie!

And who knew that scaring one's family members was such a common experience!!