Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Well Alrighty Then

The nurse just called.

My beta is 892 (!) and my progesterone is 29.3. The doctor was excited about the progesterone (as I am an old fart and could have issues). I am floored by Hcg number!!

I know yesterday was 18 dpo. The average number for Hcg is 292 with a range of from 70-758.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking!? No, you are RIGHT! You cannot tell twins from Beta/HCG because the average/range of twins falls within the average/range of singletons. What I really want is that the number doubles by tomorrow. That would be very good!

[ETA] Here is a database in which women enter in their beta numbers on dpo. It's called Beta Base.

What do you think!?


OneTiredEma said...

This is just a list (no entry), but...

Did you see my comment from this earlier????

When do you get an u/s?

VHMPrincess said...


OneTiredEma said...

You want it to double by Friday, right? (Double every 2 days.)

Geez, looking kinda like an average multiple pregnancy there. No more prognosticating until someone gets a look up there though.

Anita said...

Princess, thanks for the betabase link!

gabriella said...

hate to say so, but i did tell you. :) there's a time for everything.

now don't ask me the gender, alright? ;)

gabriella said...

oh yeah, now sit on your butt like Buddha and look pleased with life. time to chill. no semi marathons either. or all bets are off.