Thursday, August 17, 2006


The Scene: Conference Hotel Lobby, early afternoon. A frizzy headed woman in a navy blue suit is hurrying through the lobby towards a conference room with a worried expression on her face. She is chairing the session and needs to arrive early enough to help the presenters with any last minute issues.

Slowly, it becomes apparent that something is wrong. She knows that her kitten heeled pumps have gotten caught in the too long hem of the pants of her navy blue suit, but she thinks she can recover. It becomes apparent that she can't. Her feet become stapled together in the hem of her pants.

She begins her descent, a frizzy blue pine tree falling in a well populated section of the woods.

Her purse goes flying behind her. Her laptop goes forward. Her soft briefcase goes to the side. She swears she could hear a low gutteral, slow motion"nooooooooo" from somewhere around her, but most likely it's just an "ugh" she makes when she lands on her knees.

Men in suits rush over to her. "Are you ok!?" "Just my ego is bruised," she lies thinking for sure that her knees must be bleeding (they were not, so she is very glad she didn't look at them in public.) They help her up and hand her the scattered bags.

"At least," she thinks, "I was not wearing my pajamas."


OneTiredEma said...

I very rarely wear heels--probably for reasons like this.


It does make a good story, though. Hope you & the ego have fully recovered.

anita said...

When is your next conference? Since things usually happen in three's I think you need one more "event" to break this chain ;-)

Carroll said...

Oh, hahahaha. You and conferences, Anita. Really, there should be some sort of hazardous duty pay for you at those things. Glad it was only a minor scene this time.

lisa said...

Very funny! I love the closing line... :)