Wednesday, August 02, 2006

So Far, So Good

Of course, that means absolutely nothing because I have yet to receive even my first beta results yet, much less that vastly more important second count. But, WTF, I'm still pregnant today.

Yesterday's doctor's visit low key but long. (I forgot how it takes an hour to get that 15 minute doctor's visit in.) I peed in a cup which they promptly tested and said Lo and Behold, something is happening in there! The checked my blood pressure (at 88 over 58!) and was amazed I was standing upright. Low BP is not uncommon in early pg, especially when one is as thirsty as I was. Then they checked out my insides and said 1) my cervix is healthy (!) and 2) I was in the early stages of pregnancy.

The blood letting came last and I can check my results this afternoon. You betcha, I shall.

I am experiencing more than a few feelings about this stage. I am happy something is going on, but we really don't know if it's going to stick around. I get excited thinking that we really and truly may be pregnant. But what if my numbers came back horrible today? What if the rate of increase is too low!? What if everything is fine!?

Actually, everything is fine. Everything is going to be fine no matter what happens. That's just how life is.

However, today it is hot as hell! I was supposed to go running today, but my run turned into a swim. At one point, going up a hill, I had the distinct impression that in a former life I was a trout swimming upstream who was subsequently and unexpectedly eaten by a bear. That's how hot it is: I have connections to my past lives.

My shoulder is also killing me. So far, at the beginning of all three of my "real" pregnancies, I've had incredible back, neck and shoulder pain which I'm going to assume is from some hormone or another relaxing some tendon or another. Ow. And although Dave is a great back massager, we're talking about Month *1* out of 9. Or 10. Depending on when you start counting.

Back to work. Conor's bed stayed dry last night and I do like the idea of using Duct Tape. It just may come to that, and I will thank You, the Internets for yet another good idea.

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OneTiredEma said...

I still am amused by the fact that you had to pee on a stick essentially in front of witnesses. :-)

I cannot believe you even thought about running today. STAY INSIDE AND DRINK WATER AND TAKE CARE OF THAT FETUS! Sheesh. Don't make me come down there!

Do you want to hear my funny late night thought about you? "What if Anita's beta is high and it turns out she's having twins?" (I thought it was funny.)

Find some tile and lie down. Don't move until you have to.