Friday, August 11, 2006

Flip a Coin

What I've seen on the web and in my pg books is that "bleeing*** in early pregnancy is not necessarily a problem." Ok, fine, I'll take that. The estimates range that from 20 to 25% of women spot and/or bleed in the first trimester and of those 50 to 60% do not have a miscarriage.

Well, on the one hand that is sort of good news: it's not an imminent sign of a problem. But on the other hand, flip a coin!? Heads you have a healthy pregnancy, tails you don't. YIKES!!!!!

HOWEVER, after all that freak-myself-out-there information, I do not think we have a problem. I *do* think that what is going on is related to implantation and the growth of the little peanut in my belly. I *do* think that it's a broken capillary from the growing placenta. I only *freaked out a little* yesterday when I had another stain/tint/almost-clear-but-still-kind-of-brownish spot at 4:30 pm. And then nothing else happened. One hour. Two hours. 4 hours. And now 16 hours later and nothing else has happened.

I think it's ok. I really do. And if I'm wrong, I appreciate the warning that something sad is about to happen.

And better yet, my boobs hurt like a mother when Conor nursed last night. I have never been so happy to hurt in my life. And I love my alternating nausea and heartburn. Yay for digestion problems!!!

And yes, as for continuing to nurse, we see the big W in our future. (wean) Rumor has it that it's during the second month that the milk dries up and/or changes taste. We are definitely clearing the path out for Conor to move on from the boob, and we have made progress. I can distract him from nursing as soon as he gets home from school. That leaves us with 2 sessions during the day and both of which is has given up on one day or another. I don't feel like pushing it. I think he'll move there on his own. And if I had not miscarried in December, I have no doubt that right now I'd be tandem nursing, like billions of women have done over the years. (Check out the Red Tent for more info on what women had to do way back in the day. I really didn't like that book so much, except for that part)

So I'm feeling positive right now that everything will be fine I don't think we're at the point where we're in a "flip a coin" situation. I think are odds are a little better. I could be wrong. But I feel good right now.

And that counts for something.

***Thanks to Dave for pointing out that "bleeing" during pregnancy is not so much of a problem, whereas bleeding is of more concern. However, I really like that typo, so I'm keeping it. Honestly, I think bleating is more of an issue, which is, as I define it, the sound a pregnant mother makes when her two year old latches on.

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