Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Get that Hand Off Your Weenis

How's that for a title!?

We're having diaper issues with our little monkey. And they stem from his continuing infatuation for his boyhood (and I don't mean his carefree days as a young child). Yes, I fully believe this is normal (and son, if you're reading this 15 or so years from now and your face is about to catch in fire, it's ok!! All the other little boys and little girls do/did it, too! It's normal!). Nonetheless, it is getting quite irritating when he's been down there so much he's loosened up his diaper and has an accident in the middle of the night.

Which happened TWICE Sunday night. Poor thing waking up in a puddle of cold pee, it's no one's idea of a good time. And then having to change pajamas and sheets twice in one night just takes up time that is better spent comfortably lying down with one's eyes closed, alone, and in the dark with a cat on your head. But maybe that's just me...

Dave wants to prevent all handling of the weenis before bed to prevent leakage, but that means that our monkey's hand is then free to tweak my boobs during nursing, which irritates me more than changing his pajamas in the middle of the night.

So last night, Dave put the diaper on quite snugly and then tucked the top of Conor's pjs into the bottom. Ohhhh, clever. Conor was frustrated, but not enough to try to pull his top out of his bottom. He did at one point try to get into his diaper crying out Mine! Mine! as toddlers are wont to do about everything at this stage.

But we kept him "pure" last night and he woke up dry. I think we ought to try some night time pull ups that way he can still enjoy his body but not break the seal on his diaper. I think Dave finds that to be a libertine attitude, but I think toddlers are all Id right now, and I think making too big of a deal of it will do more harm than good.

On a completely different note, I couldn't get into the doctor's office yesterday because they have a new policy which includes going in for a confirmatory pg test before they'll do blood work. They originally wanted to schedule me for Thursday which would preclude any follow up 48 hour test, which I crankily pointed out.

So they "worked me in" today. I should get the results of the first test back tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it's a good number and that the rate on Thursday is right along Normal.

Back to work for me.


Carroll said...

Fingers firmly crossed on your behalf!

Anonymous said...

Well, you could always use duct tape to make sure those tabs stay where they are supposed to stay! ;-)
Anne @ therriault.blogdrive.com

Anonymous said...

Sorry Anita I am really laughing hard here. I can actually hear and picture the "mine! mine!" situation. It just reminded me of an experience I had with one of my nephews as well.

I hope you do find a solution for the diaper loosening after going to bed or the leakage. My fingers will be crossed too!

Take care Anita

OneTiredEma said...

Jeez, I am so looking forward to this stage with AM. As it stands now all the pee winds up in front now that he's sleeping on is tummy. Some mornings we don't change him fast enough and there's a puddle of pee. In MY bed. Oog.

Every once in a while Miss M will take off her diaper because she can--then I have to deliver the "diaper or potty, pick one" speech. Guess what wins?

Peeing on a stick at home isn't good enough for your dr? Huh.

VHMPrincess said...