Monday, August 14, 2006

Let the Yakking Begin

Yes, it's good news, I suppose. Although in all honesty, I have only yakked once: Saturday night after a very big dinner in celebration of my old(er) hag birthday. It caught me completely by surprise--I was starting to wash my face and I thought "I'm going to....." and then I did. Since then, there has been no yakking but a lot of burping, indigestion and nausea. Yippee!!

I do hope it's a good sign, but Dave and I still have a "wait and see" attitude until we get past 12 weeks. The ultrasound on Thursday will be somewhat reassuring, but I've scared myself enough on the Internets to know I should stay off the f*ing internets.

That should be easier for the next few days. I'm in Atlanta for a conferene and am getting ready to leave Right Now to start a marathon day of sessions.

So ta-ta and let's hope for good conferencing and good gestating. And little yakking in public.


OneTiredEma said...

I'm going to stop reading you while I'm eating breakfast ;-)

I'm glad you've only got to wait until Thursday to see what's cooking. Feel good and drink lots of water!

anita said...

Happy birthday Anita! And also still crossing my fingers for you.