Saturday, June 17, 2006

Things I like

So, it's Saturday night and I'm about to be on call to put Conor to sleep.

Nonetheless, I blog and point you to this video spoof on the song "I'm a Barbie Girl". The best one by far is the second one by the Turkish dude which is hysterical. Seriously, watch whatever commercial you need to and then look at that second video. You will laugh out loud.

Then take our your charge card and join's premium membership. I don't push much on this blog. But Salon rocks. And when you join, you get all these freebies, particularly magazines.

We've joined all we had the free options to. But the one that we think is the best bargain is the journal called The Week. It's an AMAZING weekly that provides left, right and center, American and Foreign takes on all the important issues including politics, the arts, culture and society. It is mainly reports from an amazing variety of perspectives---I can't tell which side these folks are on. I just know I learn a lot quickly from them. (you can read the entire magazine in an hour and know what the Poles think of our foreign policy along with the best houses on the market are in Utah). best of all, it's FREE with a salon membership, and when it's not free any more, we're going to pay for it.

Until then, watch the Turks in that video. I swear to you that you'll laugh out loud. And then come back here and let me know if you did!

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