Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Stop Raining, Dammit

We had a drought this spring. Bad, bad drought.

It's not official, but surely we're pulling out of it, right!? My rain gauge (the handy dandy mother's day present that I asked for!) registered 1 3/4 inches of rain since Sunday afternoon. (And in full disclosure, I originally thought it was 4.5 INCHES of rain when I mistaken read the metric side of the gauge. "How did you ever survive?" Dave questioned when I realized my mistake.)

I checked on the garden after last evening's monsoon and had to rescue a 7 foot sunflower who was falling over in the wet soil. This morning I found my best tomato plant listing and had to stake it up sticks and *two* tomato stakes--that's just how wet the ground is. Today is completely overcast and cool so there's no chance for anything to dry out.

Now, I hear we've got Alberto coming up for a visit after midnight and through tomorrow morning.

I fear for my herbs which are finally doing well but prefer dry to soggy soil. I've finally got my sage to thrive and it's going to be overwatered again.

Can't we just sort of spread the rain out, hmmmmm? Evenly distribute an inch of rain every week over the summer and a little less in the winter?? Is it that hard, really?

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