Thursday, June 08, 2006


I'm totally still on Team Anison, but I'm warming up to Team Jolie, especailly since it's obvious here that she's wearing a nursing bra. (Fluffier still, I am sooooooo going to buy this week's people magazine)

And, in the same vein of being a fair weather fan, are you following the Stanley Cup and the NORTH CAROLINA Hurricane's whooping of Edmonton thus far?

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anita said...

so funny. I always wonder too which celebrity moms are breastfeeding and wonder how they can get away so soon from their kid if they mention breastfeeding but then I see them on TV at some movie premiere so soon after giving birth, when all babies want to do is feed every hour at that age. I also saw a pic of Katie Holmes, very obviously wearing a nursing bra that was undone. yes, i can't help being interested in the total fluff sometimes either.