Monday, June 26, 2006

Just My Luck

So when I went out of town for my professional conference, we had two houseguests living here to help him with Conor including, of course, Conor’s godfather.

Now that it’s Dave’s turn to go on a conference, not only have our friends moved into their own house, they’ve left the city to go on vacation. And so have our other close friends in the neighborhood. So I’m all alone single mom-ing it for 4 days. No prob, really. That’s what a lot of women have to do, especially SAHMs.

And then I get a stomach virus.

I woke up Saturday night about 3:36 am and thought, hmmmmmmm, that doesn’t feel very good. Dave was still sleeping soundly (I could tell by his snores) and Conor hadn’t woken up either so I figured it couldn’t be food poisoning (unless I had carelessly licked my fingers while working on the raw chicken livers we grilled out that night, which I’m pretty sure I didn’t).

But just to make sure, I poke Dave. He didn’t wake up. I poked him harder. He rolled over. Honestly, that’s my sign for him to roll over when I can’t sleep and he’s snoring. Finally, I grabbed his shoulder and gently (!) yanked it a few times.

“Are you awake?” I asked.

“Ummmm, yeah,” he incredulously replied.

It was stereotypical, the forcibly waking and then the “are you awake” question. Nonetheless, I couldn’t think of another way to start the conversation.

Well, he was not nauseous and I really don’t think it could have been food poisoning since we ate almost the same exact things on Saturday. And it’s entirely too early to be morning sickness (if that’s even a possibility this month). So it must be some bug I picked up somewhere that no one else picked up.

I was able to stave of yakking until after I had driven him to the airport. I felt nauseated the rest of the day, but I didn’t yak again. And I couldn’t really eat much yesterday (or today, for that matter).

As you might expect, that didn’t really stop me yesterday from googling my fingers off yesterday just checking against checking that it was possible that this yakking was possibly morning sickness. But, it’s not. It’s just too soon. (Unless YOU have personal experience with early morning sickness and would like to share. Feel free!)

The day turned out quite nicely. Conor and I napped together in the afternoon and played for most of the rest of the time. Nighttime was a bit rough because we didn’t have the Daddy parts available, but overall we had a good time.

My one real fear was that he would see me throwing up and it would scare him. He hasn’t thrown up since he was 5 months old so he doesn’t know what it is. I can only imagine that Mommy with food coming out of her mouth would be a little bit more than my empathetic toddler could take.

And on that pleasant note, back to work.

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OneTiredEma said...

Oh, sorry :-(

On a bright note, I have heard of women who start puking before the stick turns pink, but if you didn't with Conor, probably unlikely you would. But I'll keep my fingers crossed!