Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Car Crap

Yesterday, both Dave and I were home in the afternoon. (And horrible parents, Conor was still at daycare) But we did pick him up early.

I got in the Jetta to go get Conor and I wasn't even out of the driveway before the Glow Plug related to the Deisel Engine was blinking. That can't be good, I thought. And no, it wasn't. The brake lights were out, accordig to the forums Dave found online.

Well, lucky us, I thought, both cars are here, so I'll take the Subaru. Which refused to start, to even turn over, to even click in frustrated trying. Dead battery. Oh, joy!!!

We ended up going with the Jetta because I didn't want to get stuck at daycare with the subaru and I could use hand signals* with the Jetta. It wasn't necessary because apparently, this problem is intermittent, and cleared up when we started up the Jetta again.

We can't afford new cars. These crappy-ass cars are going to have to last for a weeeeeee bit longer in order because new cars (even new-to-us cars) don't go with daycare.

Today's update is that we jumped the Subaru last night, it was dead again this morning, but I drove it around a bit, so hopefully it's fine. The Jetta's light started blinking again, so Dave dropped it off at the dealership.


In better news, Conor slept completely through the night with only a few coughs.

And for your entertainment, as heard on NPR this morning, do you talk like a Yankee or a Rebel? I'm definitely from the south.

*The hand signal I'd most like to use involves only one finger, but I would have used the stop signal.


lisa said...

I'm 30% Dixie - a Yankee Doodle Dandy, they say. But we knew that

evelin said...

I'm 20% dixie ... they called me a Duke of Yankeedom ... Yet I live below the Mason-Dixon line these days ...

T. Carter said...

92% Dixie, y'all ...