Thursday, June 22, 2006

So Cute, I Could Explode

This picture is about more than I can bear. He is so adorable!! I fall in love with him every time I look at this picture!!

Look how they have him posed! Look how our 22-month old child folded his hands and sat in a chair like a big boy!! It is all I can do not to take real, physical bites out of him I think he is so cute here!! (look at all the exclamation points I'm using!!!)

I honestly did not know I could fall in love with someone so hard after growing up and becoming an adult. Yes, yes, you know those high school and college infatuations were so heady and heart break-y and shallow breath inducing, but a little rarer after umpteen broken hearts and a more mature ahem, cynical, view of life. And yes, I do looooove my husband. And I was all shallow breathy when we first met, too. But I never knew I could fall this hard for a 3 foot, curly haired, bundle of huggy child glory. ((((sigh))))))

And as for Southern speak, I scored 92% on the southern speak. But clearly, I have won with the Straight Drive. I drive straight, people. I've done it since college and I have no intention of stopping now. ((Although one friend wondered if that meant that I didn't drive under the influence. I plead the 5th on that))


Carroll said...

Anita, you have every right to be head-over-heels ga-ga over that little man. He's entirely munchable. I can look at that picture and see him morphing right into a tall and very handsome young man someday (in the blink of an eye, believe me!) Give him an extra wee snuggle for me tonight, OK?

Piratewench said...

I just love those big floppy curls!!!! No wonder you want to gobble him up!

EmilyJane said...

What a charmer. And just look at those curls!! Such a little man he is. Can you believe how big he's gotten? I've been MIA for a while, and am just amazed at how much he's grown! You done good! =)

OneTiredEma said...


Although I really think that still photos don't do toddlers justice.