Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More Birds

Folks, I realize that it's not the most exciting thing to read about someone's encounter with birds, but I'm starting to feel like I'm in my own Hitchcock film.

If I've got the office door open, there's a bird gonna fly in.

And I hate to be a birdist, I have to tell you that there are differences in intelligence in birds based on species. Bluejays? Yes they are mean (we saw one attacking a cat the other day), but they respond well to a firm if somewhat anxious "Oh, no! No!" They don't even land, but hover, hear and leave.

It's the little ones that are more of a problem. The sparrows are as dumb as the dirt they peck in. I've had more than my fair share of sparrows land in my office, alighting either on my wicker chair or the scruffy welcome mat and I can't get the damn thing to leave. I talk. I wave. I talk and wave. They look at me as if I am just some nonthreatening curiousity. (which is true, but still. That's a dumb response from wildlife)

Nonetheless, I have a serious fear of one flying deeper into the office and then freaking out and somehow either attacking me or getting stuck in my hair.

It's not logical. I know.

But it's freakyass, all these birds coming in here. And I'm not even going to talk about the ones I've heard thunk into the windows.


OneTiredEma said...

What about pigeons? Here we call them rats with wings. One pooped on our stroller today! Luckily, nobody was in it at the time.


Anita said...

What makes me a bad friend is that I think that is very, very funny!


Bekki said...

How funny I'd stumble on this today. I actually had a bird flying maniacally around my house today. My kids thought it was a hoot, but every time it frantically flew near me I screamed. I too was afraid it would "attack" me!!

gabriella said...

there's a building near here with big windows that have black flying bird cutouts stuck on them. i wonder if they are supposed to discourage other birds from flying into the windows.

Anita said...

And once again, I find that very funny.

grumpygirl said...

anita, birds scare the shit out of me... and i won't even eat them. and don't even start me abou thow i feel when they can be near my hair