Friday, June 09, 2006

Afternoon IM with my Dear Husband

Dave: Did you know that People raised their price for this issue?

Anita: really?!

A: Well, i'm so going to buy it anyway!

D: they need a few extra $$$ to pay for the pictures

A: yeah!

A: Everyone is going to buy it

A: We want to see what the most beautiful child on earth looks like!

D: Conor is in People!!!??

A: he is!

A: Angelina wants to adopt him!

D: can she adopt us too? A package deal?

D: then we can all snuggle with her in the morning

Oh, really.


karen said...

Always thinking, isn't he?

Rhye said...

Well Anita this is what my David said to this...

"She can always snuggle up with Brad Pitt, sounds like a win-win situation".

Would that even be an option? (sorry not a big Brad Pitt fan)

Pioneer Woman said...

Buy the issue, draw some nasty red zits on her face & some long black hairs in her nose.
Then put it in bed with him tonight.