Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Happy Happy Joy Joy

We went back for a level II ultrasound yestrerday and received mostly great news.

The babies are looking fantastic.  Peanut (the girl) is at the 55th percentile of weight.  Squiggle (the boy) is over the 70th percentile of weight.  I asked for clarification and found out that, yes, these percentiles are for singleton pregnancies.  So my twins weigh more than at least half the singletons do for their gestetational age.  It also means that at 30 weeks, I'm carrying about 7 lbs of baby in me, but I don't care.  The nurse even said that it's like I'm carrying two single pregnancies at the same time, the babies are doing so well. 


More good news includes that my cervix remains at the very same length as it was 6 weeks ago.  Because it's so long adnd healthy (the doc joked that I have the cervix of a 24 year old!) that means I am highly unlikely to go into preterm labor.  Yay!!!

Of course, this doesn't mean anything changes for the bedrest.

The bad news is that I still have marginal/partial placenta previa.  The good news is that it's not even close to being complete previa.  But it's still there and they are still worried about placental abruption, etc. etc.  So even while I'm doing great and the babies are doing great, I still have to be on bedrest and as the doc says " better" on my bedrest than I've been.  I have been better today, although I'm not really sure what all that means.  

We also found out that both babies are now head down.  Peanut is no longer transverse and that horrible pain in my belly I felt in the hospital?  That was Squiggle turning around. We had a clue when we couldn't find his heartbeat at the regular place and ended up moving to an entirely different quadrant.  The kicks under my right elbow were also a clue.  

What a waste though, huh?  The babies are in perfect position (only happens 40% of the time) and we have to have a c-section.  

Well, that's life and life is better if both of the babies and I are alive after delivery so C-section it is.   We're now just all pulling for a c-section towards the end of my 36 weeks and not the beginning.

But the news is looking great (for the most part) and I am thrilled about it!


Kim said...

That is such great great news! Thanks for sharing it!!!

Jennifer said...

That's fantastic news! I'm so glad that everything went well today!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news, so glad to hear it!

Rhye said...

Hi Anita! Goodness you have been busy. Congratulations on your pregnancy, and twins even! It's been ages since I have read your blog or any blog, it's wonderful to catch up and read wonderful news.

You may not remember me but it's way back to the "Radio Blog" days and I haven't caught up on your blog since Connor started Daycare/Preschool?

He has grown and such a cutie. I can't wait to hear the birth of the twins, take care and god bless.

Congratulations to you, Dave and big brother!

Carroll said...

Anita, this is such SUCH good news!!!! We haven't heard such a chipper report from you in ages. I am so happy for you, your whole family, and the kidlets-to-be. YAY for successful and fully-appreciated pregnancies, I say :-)

MoDLin said...

Wonderful news! Sorry about the bedrest part, but that's really really great news. Here's hoping for 36 weeks!