Thursday, May 07, 2009


The mortgage/renovation loan has been approved and we're finalizing the date for closing. The appraisal came back on Friday and it was still about $20 less per square foot than our appraisal in 2006 (which was considered highly conservative).  I know that folks may be thinking that is normal for this time, but our neighborhood is considered one of the few in Charlotte where prices are considered stable since 2006.  And, adding insult to injury, it's still about $70 less per square foot than a similar house on a smaller lot three blocks from our house that sold 6 weeks ago.  Phhht.  We had better not get the same appraiser at the end of building.  Otherwise, I'll be opening up a can of sleep deprived twin mother whoop-ass on those people.  It will be even uglier.

In any case, we should start the remodel/rennovation last week. Yippee!!!  I will be able to pick out fixtures and tiles from pictures online and from samples Dave brings home.  I trust Dave with the things that cannot be sampled (e.g., toilets).  And on Saturday, a huge posse of volunteers are coming over from our church to help us demolish the deck; we took on that project to save a couple of thousand dollars, but with me laid up at the new house, I'm not able to do as much as I thought (i.e, nada).  Therefore, our church has asked for volunteers to help us, and they got a really big response.  

I don't talk much about religion on here or our religious beliefs.  It's a lot like telling strangers your weight.  People are going to make judgments which may be quite out of touch from your own reality.  So, I'll just say that we joined a new church in January and love it and are stunned by the outreach they've given to us since I entered the hospital.  (Conor loves this church, too, which makes a big difference) 

So, they are coming over on Saturday and I think that means, we're actually starting the remodel.  Finally.  

We are very, very excited.

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