Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kickin' Ass and Taking Names

Eventually, we will get to that portion of the blog, but first I have to talk about Conor, because it's been on my mind to blog about him.  I have been focusing a great deal on the house and on the pregnancy, but I don't want anyone for a second to think that he is not the light of my life.

He has been absolutely adorable lately and this has to be some of the best times of childhood.  Because everyone has been asking, I will go on record saying that he is very excited about the babies.  He tells everyone we meet that we have twins, a boy and a girl, and he will point to my belly.  He likes to talk to them and tell them about his day ("it's cold here today") and last night, we wanted to read to them, an act that generally involved shouting CURIOUS at my belly, every time George was described in the book.  

School is going very well for him and he's taken to singing lots of songs in the backseat on the way home.  He loves to color and will spend up to an hour working on one picture in his coloring book.  He is "writing words" in a journal and will now take 3 or 4 books to bed with him after we've read to him so that he can "read" them while he goes to sleep.  

We've had some rough nights getting him to bed after daylight savings time started (coincidentally, the same weekend we moved).  Two nights ago, when he was starting to get all riled up again, I plainly told him that we'd had a lot of fights before bed recently and neither he nor I liked it.  I stopped talking and then he immediately started doing what I'd asked him to do earlier (pull the plug on his bath).  It is moments like those that I think he has got to be the most mature, empathetic 4 year old that has ever lived.  I didn't tell him he HAD to do something; I just pointed  out that we hadn't had a lot of fun at bedtime lately and implied his lack of following the bedtime routine had a little something to do with it.

The best part of all, though, is that Conor is still the same smoochie monkey he has always been.  When that changes, and it will eventually, I'm going to be crushed because I love his snuggles and kisses now.  I think he's going to be the best big brother in this whole entire world.  (Sorry, Scott!  You can be second!)  

So what's this about kickin' ass and taking names?  Well, we went to the maternal and fetal/ high risk pregnancy office today.  The babies are  growing really well. Baby A is at 51% weight and Baby B is at 67%.  Baby A is in head down position, so a vaginal birth is definitely an option now.  (We'll be more sure after the next visit in a month)  Baby B's head is pretty much resting on Baby A's booty, which I think is hysterical!  I'm so going to tease him about that when he's older.  Baby B's feet are near Baby A's head, so I worry that he is kicking her.  

It's amazing how squished they are in there.  There is not a lot of extra room for anyone there.  I feel guilty, but they are truly doing ok.

The BEST news is that it's looking very much like I should be able to go for full term for this pg without any bedrest.  They measure cervical length at this point.  And I had read an article previously about cervical link and premature labor/birth, but I couldn't remember what it was.  Fortunately, my doctor was one of the co-authors of the study.  (Who knew?!)  They found that a cervical length of 34 mm or more increases the probability of going all the way (defined as at least 34 weeks) to 95%.  It's the same risk as a singleton!  My cervix is 47 or 48 mm!!!  He definitely thinks I should be able to go to full term with these babies with no restriction in physical activity.  WOOHOOO!!

He also said if I was a boy, I'd brag about that length.  I told him I was going to brag about it anyway!  

We are actually thrilled here.  The babies look great and the carrier pod is looking great, too.   I have gained a boatload of weight, but I think there is a direct relationship between my double chin and my cervical length.  Ok, that sounds really weird, but you know what I mean.  

We're going all the way with these babies!  And if they keep up this weight gain, they will both be over 7 lbs when they are born---the same as Conor!!


Carroll said...

Anita, I am (figuratively) jumping for joy on your behalf -- this is SUCH GOOD NEWS!!!!! After all you went through to get this pregnancy off the ground, for it all to be going so well at this point is just icing on the cake. Conor sounds like every bit the sweetheart we've always known and loved. I can hardly wait to start reading about the cute things he does to help you take care of "his" babies after they are born :-)

So, so happy for you!

Scott said...

Scott sad...... not really " (Sorry, Scott! You can be second!)"

No bed rest hooray!!!! take it easy anyway