Friday, May 22, 2009


I was going to blog about life lessons from marathoning, which I will do later.  But then a wave of fatigue rolled over my enormous body and I think I may be taking a nap soon.  And when I say enormous, I am not being overly modest.  My feet are currently so big and swollen, I'm not sure I have shoes to wear.  

But let's talk first about Conor.  Conor is begging to go to target to buy the babies a toy for when they are born.  He wants to hide it, which we're trying to explain will not be necessary.  But what other almost 5 year old boy is so sweet to his unborn siblings?  He kisses them hello and goodbye evey day.  He tells them things about his day.  He is adorable.  

And I know the little ones in my belly will be just as adorable, too, in what I am assuming are completely different ways.  I am so excited to meet these little buggers.  Will they be fiesty or mellow like Conor?  Will they have Conor's (and Dave's) giraffe legs or more normal ones like mine?  Will they be as smoochy as we are now or will they want more independence?  I can't wait to meet this guys.  Actually, I can.  5 more weeks.  I'll be just over 37 weeks in 5 more weeks, and I will not be upset if they decide to come then.  Fully cooked and fully wanted.  

Folks, I cannot fully explain how big I have become and much bigger I believe I am going to be.  And my thighs and butt are finally catching up to the size of my belly.  And not in a good way.  I know!  I have to update my belly shots.  I have to find the camera battery recharger and that involves looking around which I am not supposed to be doing.  

Oh and a nap.  Everything involves a nap now.  I cannot imagine how I would be functioning if I wasn't told to be on bedrest right now.  I am POOPED in a way I did not know was possible to be.  

Speaking of which, Scrubs is about to come on TV and it's about time for my afternoon nap.  

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