Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Yesterday was another visit to the regular OB. I came away feeling very reassured. 

First, she has strong confidence that the doctor was correct in diagnosing that my placenta previa is gone.  She also completely agreed with me in seeing the third doctor and if they don't agree on what is going on, that I should tell them to get together and work it out.  

But her opinion right now is that we're heading towards a vaginal delivery sometime after 36 weeks---whenever the babies want to come.  

I am also measuring 39 weeks now.  That means that I look like someone with a singleton pregnancy who is about to pop.  I feel like I'm about to pop.  I look like I am incredibly pregnant.  
At the party last week, I walked across the room.  I saw two of my friends staring at me slack jawed because I was shuffling like an old hag who never gets off her sofa.  (A description not too far off)  And the babies are really hanging out low and forward so the pressure on my pelvis is a lot worse than it ever was with Conor.

Speaking of Conor, despite Vince Shlomi's recent run-in with the law (and a prostitue), ShamWow remains a big hit with the under five crowd around here. Conor actually cleans up his bathroom every night with his mini ShamWow, wiping down the sink and the cabinets.  Last night, I caught him wiping the floor up around the bathtub with his shamwow.  As this is not a behavior he has learned by observing anyone in our household, we can only assume that the ShamWow's powers of absorption are so impressive to our little guy that he will keep a cleaner bathroom than we do, just to use this product.  BTW, Consumer reports says to just buy sponges to get the ShamWow effect.  Nonetheless, I cannot imagine a sponge having this much of an impression on a 5 year old.  Thank god(dess) we only watch DIY around here and not any of the kids' shows (besides PBS).  Commercials are pretty dang powerful.  

But back to me, I now have a hideous sinus infection.  The doc gave me some antibiotics yesterday and I've been using my neti pot constantly.  The good news is that my cheek no longer hurts when I smile.  The bad news is that I am sick of feeling shitty in the pregnancy. I have been waiting so long to be pregnant, and I am so excited to meet the babies who are growing in my belly. But the last 5 weeks have not been all that fun.  And the next 5-6 weeks do not show promising signs of being much better.  

Not to whinge on excessively, but standing up while I use the neti pot causes my feet to look a sumo wrestler's.  And just standing in the shower, while feeling wonderful, wears me out enough that I need to take a nap afterwards.  I can't walk.  I can't lie down comfortably on the sofa.  I don't want to spend my entire day in my bed, but I just can't understand why the one thing I crave after breakfast is a nap.  

On the good side, though, the contractions have plummeted, my blood pressure is amazing for someone carrying twins, the previa is gone and the babies are healthy.  All of these are really good things.  Now if I can just get some sleep and permanentely check a few things off my work list, I'll be very happy.  Then I can nap in peace and not feel so damn guilty about it.   


Anonymous said...

Hi Anita, I came upon your blog. i love you sense of humor! Thanks for taking the time to post your journey and for keeping up with it. It's definitely inspiring to me as i'm on the verge of making a decision about ivf.
I'm rooting for ya!
When is your due date?


Anita said...

July 15, but more likely the end of June. I should really update my "about me" part of this blog!

A said...

Hi. I just want to say how grateful I am to have come across your blog a few days ago. Aside from the charm of your writing (which has been both a pleasure and a kick!), it's been incredibly helpful to me reading through your history, while working through these infertility issues of my own. I'm 39 (almost 40) and seeing another woman's experience portrayed so honestly is incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for explaining your journey thus far.

I'll be a regular reader from now on, for sure. :)