Friday, May 15, 2009

Lucky Me

Last night, we had a party at our house.  

Actually, my colleagues in the PhD program I teach in came over for a combo end of the year party/baby shower for me.  They came in, brought a ton of food, set up our house for the party, came and talked to me on the sofa, had fun themselves (I hope!), cleaned up the house, and left us a ton of food.  

It was the highlight of my last 5 weeks of hospitalization and bed rest, if not longer than that.  I did take the full dose of anti-contraction medicine before they come because I knew I'd be excited and probably contract.  I actually only had a couple of contractions during the party that I could obviously feel.   But otherwise, I didn't feel like I needed to be concerned.

Instead, I had fun.  I saw my friends and colleagues.  I saw live people.  And it was wonderful.

Lucky me.  

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