Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Things are Going On Around Here

The remodel has started!  They are sistering our attic joists so that we can add the second story. (One learns fancy construction terms during remodels).  They have taken the siding off the attic to get the wood into the attic.  And the electricians have been routinely screaming in horror at the not-up-to-code wiring in the kitchen.  (Apparently, two-owners-ago did not pull a permit when he remodeled the kitchen.  They have found dozens of live wires that have been hanging out in our insulation for years and years and years)

It's pretty exciting.  Conor finds it especially exciting.  Have I mentioned Conor's obsession with the DIY network?  Given a choice between Rock Solid, This Old House, Sweat Equity or Desperate Landscapes and any cartoon, DIY wins out.  Our first night in the rental, Conor found a hiding space in a built-in bookshelf and prompty reported that they had not correctly taped the seam.  How many nearly 5 year olds do you know can identify if a seam has been correctly taped or not?  

So in the mornings, when Conor finds out that the "Fix the House Guys" are at the old house, he finds his tool box and runs over to try to help them.  I think he ought to put on his tool belt, but the tool box is definitely more exciting.   (I am trying to find his picture in the tool belt, but I cannot find it)  I have to say, though, it's all pretty cool and it's amazing to see PROGRESS already on our house.  

And we just came back from the high risk fetal and maternal medicine OB.  And we have great news!!  Peanut's placenta is now 3.3 cm away from my os---so there is no placenta previa anymore.  (We did request it see the other doctor, so now we have seen all 3 docs).  Hooray on no more placenta previa.  More good news is that my cervix is over 3.3 cm.  That means that there is over a 95% chance that I will NOT go into labor in the next 2 weeks, even with these preterm contractions.  He does advise me to stay on the meds, but it's more like cough syrup--treating the symptoms instead of the underlying post-nasal drip.  Also, he explained the difference between these contrax and real contrax.  These, which apparently are NOT dilating my cervix, start at the bottom and move up my ute.  Real contrax start at the top of my ute and move down.  I can tell you right now, it is obvious where these are starting.  And that was all very reassuring.

And FINALLY in ginourmous baby news:  Peanut remains at the 50th percentile of weight coming in at 4 lbs 10 oz and Squiggle is now at the 80th percentile mark coming in at a chunky 5 lbs 7 oz.  Folks--I will be 33 weeks tomorrow and I already have 10 lbs of baby inside me!!!

The only bad news is that Squiggle has turned from head down and back to breech, but we're going to work on him getting back in the best position.  (His moving has been absolutely CRAZY.  I wondered if he had switched positions recently)

In any case, the doc today is not mentioning that I could go from 38 weeks to 39 weeks and doesn't recommend that I go any further than that.  Do you KNOW how big those babies are going to be by that time? Lordy.  That's going to be a lot of baby inside me.

I'm hoping that all this means that I might be able to get off bed rest sooner rather than later.  I'm really not going to be able to do a lot, but being able to walk around the house and to go pick up Conor at daycare.  That is really what I want.  

In any case, it's a very exciting time right now.  I'm thinking things look up and are progressing!


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