Monday, June 30, 2008

Cleanse On!

So Day 4 was by far the easiest thus far. I wasn't tired, I found meals easily and everything seems dandy. (this of course means that tomorrow will suck tofu)

Another one of the reasons I'm doing this cleanse is that I would like my body to be in tip-top shape for the next round of IVF. Yes, we do have that scheduled. We'll be going to the West Coast and it seems like my ovulation cycle will be working quite closely with the conference we're going to be out in the West Coast for anyway. They will have to delay the start of my next cycle a bit to make sure it's that week, but overall, the timing is working out really well!!

So I thought, why not cleanse out my cells/body/gut and give this is a good try?

Also, I like moving back to my vegetarian days. I'm not sure I want to be a full vegeterian again and by saying that, I don't mean that I'm going to rank animals by intelligence and eat based on that. What I'd really like to do is choose meat based on its humane life and death. Dave and I have actually discussed this and it's one of the reasons we're seriously thinking about getting a chicken coop for our back yard. (I am SO not kidding)

Because we'd like to have local, grass fed, free range meat, we know it is going to cost more. And if it's going to cost more, we're going to eat a lot less of it. Ironically, this is how I was raised. (Locally born, grass fed, free range). HA! No, that's how the meat I ate as a child came to our table. But we did it because we didn't have a lot of money and did have a lot of land. Now, we're doing it because it's healthier, more ethical and more sustainable.

So yeah. I just found a farmer from Virginia who is coming to our local farmer's market every three weeks with meat that is free range and grass fed. It's really expensive. So, we'll have it on occassion. And for the rest of the time, we'll have a plant based lifestyle. It feels like it's the right next step for us to take.


gabi said...

Black quinoa (cooked 1: 1.5 cups water) plus a little bit of salt Black quinoa is crunchy. Sort of like huge poppy seeds.

thick full flavoured coconut milk or reconstituted coconut milk from powder

lots of ripe blueberries.

pour some coconut milk onto the quinoa same as let's say cream on oats (don't drown the quinoa), add some blueberries and slightly crush those, then add the rest of the blueberries and stir gently.



No sugar added but delicately sweet.

No gluten.

High fibre, plenty of protein, minerals, plenty of slow digesting good fats, and anti-oxidants. (check fat profile of coconut milk to confirm allegation that this is good fat).

Modifications to above: Add a heaping teaspoon of Salba.

If you eat this for breakfast you sure won't feel lightheaded, tired or sleepy. It'll keep a body going for a good 6 hours.

gabi said...

p.s.above recipe: no substitutions.

Soy 'milk' Almond 'milk' rice 'milk' are NOT substitutes for Coconut milk. Get the real thing or don't do it at all.

Replacement with high sugar beverages will result in a hyperinsulemic reaction, and rapid decrease in blood glucose levels resulting in fatigue.