Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What My Husband Can Do

My husband made this bed. By himself. It is by far the best piece of furniture we have in the house. It's a captain's bed with 12 (!) drawers in which we can store all of Conor's clothes and linens as well as all of our guest linens and pillows.

This is about midway into the bed making when Dave was finishing up the headboard and the bed base.

Here is the foot board about halfway through the staining process. (I don't have a lot of early pictures because at the beginning, it was essentially just stacks of specifically cut pieces of wood). Also, Ithe dark stain comes from first staining the wood red and then staining it dark. (or something like that; Dave can explain in the comments how wrong I am)

Here are Conor, Patches and Dave putting the base in Conor's bedroom. Each drawer is custom fit to its slot, so you might see numbers in the drawers.

And here is the final installation with the steps Conor has to climb to get into his BIG big boy bed.

You may note to the right is Conor's "closet" in which we have now put all his toys stacked in bookcases. He has so much more space in his room now. And we have more furniture available to us (he surrendered his dresser to me. HA! I have my own dresser now!!).

It is amazing that Dave made this bed. It is truly beautiful and perhaps if you click on the picture above you can see the gorgeous hardware Dave bought for the drawers. This bed is so strong and sturdily made that I think our grandkids will use it.

All hail the hunky handy husband!


Anonymous said...

Wowza! All Hail, indeed! That is one gorgeous piece of furniture, Anita. Well done, Dave. Well done!!


Piratewench said...

Nothing happens when I click on that last picture.

Darned impressive though! I really envy you guys, that your husband has the time, let alone the talent, to create such a piece of beauty!!

OneTiredEma said...

Wow. Holy organization, Batman!

Taxman would covet that woodworking area!

Laura said...

That is really nice! Great job!