Monday, July 07, 2008

Clean and Green

I'm finishing up day 11 on the Quantum Wellness cleanse. So far, I've lost about 4 lbs. I'm not tired. I'm not depriving myself of anything. And I'm certainly not hungry. What I miss thus far is coffee. I can do without the nightly wine, although, Wine is Good. But when I smell that coffee in the morning, I crave it. That is the first and perhaps the only thing I know I'm going to add back to my daily eating immediately.

And I haven't been perfect. On Thursday, at an Indian buffet, I'm pretty sure I ate something with butter in it. And then Sunday morning, I had grits with some soy cheese with casein in it. (You'd be shocked how full that made me feel afterwards, and not in a good way). And on Sunday night, I had a Boca burger, which I'll bet is not completely in the cleanse and a squash dish with some cheese in it. I ate it because I was a guest at someone's house and I am simply not the kind of person who will make my host/ess feel bad about what s/he has cooked by not eating it.

So, honestly, when today I felt more tired than I have since Day 3 of the cleanse. I wonder if milk makes me tired?

In other news, we are really trying to be green around here. We are cutting back water consumption as much as we can. Indeed, the highlight of our dinner party the other night was deciding that we could and probably should flush all the toilets before out guests arrived. It felt very extravagant!

You, of course, know the "poem"? Maybe not? Well, here goes:

If it's yellow,
Let it mellow.
If it's brown,
Flush it down.


And we also bought a clothes line this weekend. The neighbors who don't like Patches' barking are going to love that!!! What was stunning was that it took 30 minutes to dry our sheets outside and just under an hour for Dave's shirts to be completely, crunchily dry. The air conditioner and the dryer are the two worst polluters in your house. We've really tried not to use our a/c this summer rejoicing in our attic fan and our new windows. And now we're going to start drying our clothes outside.

Although Dave is happy on our electric bill this month, it's not about the money. We've all been living too long with the attitude that if we can afford it, we can use it. That's not right. We need to take care of everything---air, water, animals, earth---so that everyone can have equal, healthy access to it. Otherwise, no one is going to get any of it.

Off of soap box. I'm trying to use this cleanse to be mindful of my place in this world and my impact on it. Just let me know before you come over and we'll be sure to flush all the toilets. That's how much of a giver we are.

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lisa said...

Three cheers for being green! I'm with you right up to the flushing. I'm just not willing to go there. But I still save the shower water as I'm waiting for it to heat up. Which I put in a pitcher under the sink, until it gets used in a flush. And which the kitty now sees as her own personal stand-up-tall water dish. Frankly, I think she gets a little pissed when it's empty. And I'm a huge fan of drying the clothes outside. At least for 3/4 of the year. (I used to hang them in the basement over the winter, but some MAN took over the basement last year...) Hopefully we'll have new windows before too long too so we can keep what little heat and A/C we decide to use!