Friday, June 13, 2008

This and That

I know that, according to the rules of good blogging, I'm supposed to have a point when I post, a shining insight into life as a mother thing. One, do not assume this is a "good" blog. And two, I shine not.

Instead, I kill rats. HA! 4 and a half rats dead. Two died right off the bat, umm, right off the trap. We found a half eaten rat carcass after our trip back to West VA. Gross, I know, but happily dead. We killed another this week. Dave noted it was fat. I noted she was pregnant. I felt bad about that until I saw a rat dive into our potato bed, and then my sentiment was to kill more the rats before they get their rat cooties on my potatoes.

Scarlett has been sick lately. I told Dave that if she "passed", I wanted a kitten for my birthday. However, last night he mentioned that he thought a pellet rifle would be useful, too. I seriously thought about it. How about a kitten and a pellet gun? That says a lot about the kind of southern woman I am.


The other night, Conor and I were snuggling before bed. He looked up and saw his Thomas the Tank catalog in one of his new bed's cubby holes! He loves to read the catalog as he goes to sleep and I think starting a habit of reading in bed before the age of 4 is pretty darn good.

"Do you want to read it?" I ask.

"No," he insists. "I want to snuggle with you."

He puts his hands on either side of my face and gives me a kiss.


He looks deep into my eyes and then he begins pushing my face away. "You can go now."

Ok. Thanks! I won't let the door hit me on the way out!


Steve and Barry's. Steve and Barry's? Folks, do you know about Steve and Barry's? God bless America, people. Do you KNOW about Steve and Barry's?

I surely didn't until yesterday. The NY Times recently featured Steve and Barry's as having some of the best quality cheap clothes in the US. Their goal is to have Old Navy, Gap and (sometimes) Banana Republic quality clothes FOR LESS THAN $10 EACH! Their shirts are definitely Old Navy quality. But their pants are NICE. And I bought a fitted Bitten dress for $8.98 yesterday. And it fits well. And the Bitten pants I bought fit well and they are pretty!!

I bought Mossimo shorts from Target last weekend for $16 and an Isaach Mizrhai sweater for $24 and neither of those have the quality material or construction as the Bitten clothes I bought.

Seriously. Everything in the store was $8.98. And it fit. And it looked pretty on me.

Wow. Dead rats and new clothes. What a great week this has been.


Scott said...

Remember you must wear hunter orange. By the way do you have a rat hunting license?

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! I did *not* know about Steve and Barry's, but their store locator tells me an outlet is coming soon to an "underperforming mall" immediately in my vicinity! Thanks for the heads-up, Anita!


Julia said...

When you say rats, are you talking about rabbits? I seem to remember something in an earlier blog about you calling rabbits rats. Also, I was on Venus Williams web site because she designs clothes and I was confused about the $8.98 price at S&B's. We have them her in MN but I haven't ventured in yet!

Anita said...

No, I mean Rats. Real live gross RATS. We have rabbits, too. But the RATS are living in our potatoes. Ugh

Piratewench said...

I was a loyal fan of the "Bitten" line right up until I got to preggers to wear it. I think the actual commitment is not to sell anything priced over 20 bucks. Nice quality and some cute styling. Here's the clinch. I don't wear the same size in all things, so you really, REALLY have to try the stuff on from this line. I wish the sizing was a little more consistent. Anyway, check out to see what the current season's styles are available in the store.