Thursday, June 05, 2008

Peter Rabbit Must Die

Once again showing the NY Times bases its stories on my life, today's lead in the home section is about (sub)urban farmers who resort to killing the rats, bunnies, woodchucks and groundhogs eating their vegetables. I am the target audience of this article considering my progression from "the bunnies deserve their carrot tax" to "Are guns organic?" to "I am going to kill me some motherf*cking bunnies."


So we've taken out two rats. Unfortunately, we've spotted more. We had this same problem last year and I be godd*mned if I'm going to turn my garden into a wildlife buffet.

I'm a wee bit salty tonight, eh?

My master gardener neighbor is currently stalking the bunnies. I really would not be surprised to see this very refined woman whacking a baby bunny with a shovel at this point.

We have declared war. And a pellet gun is not out of the question. Although I did buy a cage to encase the plants with this week. We'll see how that works first.


niobe said...

I'm going to need a cage to protect my crops as well. Not sure exactly where I can find one, though.

Piratewench said...

OMG!!! LOL!!

Scott said...

As Elmer Fudd said Kill the rabbit, kill the rabbit, with my spear and magic helmet. KILL THE RABBIT!!

Anonymous said...

Blessedly, Blogger comments still wants me to be anonymous, so it should be possible for me to say "YEAH!" without necessarily revealing that we too have been down that exact same road and come to the same conclusion. Think of it this way...they're just ugly wire-haired fang-toothed rodents in soft, fluffy cute-looking rabbit costumes, Anita.

Next can we talk about gophers, please??