Monday, February 11, 2008

Lip Scuff

Since I'm currenty on the quest to give a shit, I thought I'd start a new series of posts on some of the products I'm finding useful in not looking like a used up old hag.

So here's the first one: Lip Scuff. I bought mine for the Body Shop a zillion years ago, and it had to be on sale because there's no way I'd pay $11 for it as they are advertising it on amazon.

So, in addition to having it for a zillion years, I've never really used it. Until the chapter on lips in my Don't Look like An Old Hag book.

So, now what I do is every morning before I put on the rest of my face moisturizer, I use the lip scuff (it basically exfoliates the dead lip bits), add a lip moisturizer from Clinique (a freebie that must be 10 years old!), and after I put on whatever makeup I'm going to wear, I add a lip gloss.

I have thin lips. (Chickens have thicker lips thatI) Nonetheless, the lip scuff helps plump them up and keeps them looking polished for most of the morning until lunch. This includes a couple of hot beverages throughout the morning.

So, my advice: go cheap, but it's worth it. My lips appear to be bigger and definitely look healthier.

I give that product a Mother Thing Stamp of Approval.

We'll see what else does or doesn't make it.

And, as for infertility (Why, yes! My infertility is doing fantastic. Thank you for asking), we a probably going not going to start IVF in the upcoming cycle. I am traveling most of March and it just would be too tricky and expensive for us to try. So end of March/beginning of April is when we're starting.

Of course, I realized on the way to work that if we'd pursued adoption last summer, we'd probably be on the way to bringing our child home soon. But we didn't. We may be in that place next year. But we're not there now.

We're still trying on our own, so maybe something will happen beyond the knots and bruises I'm getting now. It goes well with the lip scuff.


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