Monday, February 25, 2008

Taking Another One for the Team

We had a great weekend with Conor's cousin, Carter, and his parents visiting us from Palo Alto. Conor absolutely loves Carter and it appears the feeling is mutual. Of course, I am turning into "Crazy Aunt Anita." One the one hand, I like this, being the nutty aunt who is probably too smoochy, loud, and likely to join in a game of Fly on Space Shuttle to The Moon way too quickly. On the other, I'm turning into an aunt who is too smoochy, loud and likely to join right in kid's play when I ought to be a bit more grown up. There's a fine line between Craaazy Aunt Anita and Crazazy Aunt Anita, is all I'm saying.

Unfortunately, Carter got sick while he was here. One wouldn't have known he was sick from his and Conor's re-enactment of "Monkeys Jumping on a Bed" but his fever made itself known. We found out Sunday that he was strep throat.

So for the rest of Sunday, we were hovering over Conor to see if he started running a fever or started having a sore throat. But no! He's as healthy as a horse.

I, on the other hand, woke up with a sore throat. No big whoop. I've always got some sort of post-nasal drip going on. Then about 11:30, I started getting chills. I took my temp: 99.2. That is so low as to be no big whoop. 12:00 I was still freezing: temp 100.6. At 2:00, I was starting to flirt with the 101.5.

It could be the flu. My students are dropping like flies, including the good students so you know there's something going around. Flu has really hit the college students hard and if this is flu, there is no need to go to the doc. However, it could be strep due to proximity and symptoms.

In either case, and this is where I sound like Bitchy Wife Anita, why am *I* the one who keeps getting sick? I would never want to wish an illness on my son, so I guess what I'm really saying s WHY CAN'T DAVE TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM once in a while?? He kisses Conor nearly as much as I do. Why I am the one who always gets the stomach viruses, the flu, and apparently strep throat?

Ok. Enough bitching and craziness. I'm almost finished making the homemade chicken and rice soup for dinner (!) and after that, I'm going to bed. (Dave had to work late tonight and we have no prepared food in the house. I would complain, but that's my own damn fault)

ETA: I don't think this is strep throat because I'm no longer running a fever this morning (although I had a fever last night while I was "sleeping."). And Dave would like to point out that he did take quite a few for the team during Conor's first 2 years of day care. I pointed out that this is my blog and hence my perspective and he should git his own dern blog should he want to discuss his child-induced illnesses. ;-)

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gabi said...

Girl, you need yourself a 'mess 'o greens' cooked up. Add a couple cans of white or red beans as well. That'll scare the dickens out of any bugs that might want to inhabit your being.

Strep throat is not contagious.