Monday, February 18, 2008

The Best Laid Plans (of Lame Ass Bloggers)

Today's title was supposed to be Anita vs. the Ivy: The Siege of 2008.

However, we'll save that one for later on this week. Instead, I shall regale you with our story of going to the emergency room after work tonight.

Daycare called up Dave late this afternoon to tell us that Conor was going to the bathroom very frequently and had just told them that his p3nis hurt. Dave called me and we tried to figure out how we could get in touch with the pediatrician's before they closed. Conor's upset stomach on both Tuesday and Saturday worried me. We got ahold of the peds 5 minutes before they closed. "Go straight to the Presby Children's ER" was the nurse's exact quote.

Dave and I met at the house at which point there was some discussion about waiting until the next morning to save an expensive ER visit or chancing kidney damage if this really was unirinary tract infection. We opted to save our son's kidneys.

Fortunately, it was not a UTI in the classic sense. It is a UTI in the mildest sense---the UT is irritated not infected. Oddly enough, this was the second irritated UTI that the nurse had seen on a boy the exact same age as Conor in the last hour. I think that this bug that gave Conor his tummy/poopie problems is also irritating his wee-wee. (The bug has definitely been going around Charlotte's young 'uns). So it still hurts for him to pee and he's going with great frequency and urgency. But it should clear itself up by Weds. If not, we're back to the regular doc by Thurs.

As an aside, we left the hospital at 7:30 and no one had eaten, so for the first time in our lives, we had fast food for dinner. (Melting child, dying of hunger and holding onto his penis would have been fun neither at home nor a restaurant) The highlight of this part of the story is the drink we got the size of my thigh, which at this point is quite large. It was a disquieting display of consumerism to be served anything that big.

And back to Conor, just how bad is his UTI? He's been to the potty 4 times since I've started this. :-(


Karen said...

Poor little fella! And poor mom and dad!

gabi said...

Why don't they give him some Pyridium? It turns pee orange but it sure stops the pain.


Evelin said...

Sorry about the p.... thing. Glad he's better. But what I've been checking in for is updates on your skin & your foray into Olay Regenerist .... you are now more than 2 weeks in ... was it worth it? (I just bought some because I was asked if I had a granddaughter ... by a five year old, but still). Evelin