Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Best Valentine

It was a particularly sweet day. And it wasn't all the doing of my dear husband.

Last night, we put together a set of stickers and lollipops for Conor's friends at school. This morning at breakfast, we talked with Conor about giving all his classmates their Valentine's. I told Conor he would probably get Valentine's cards, too.

He turned to me excited and wide eyed, "Maybe I will get one Valentine today at school!!!"

My heart exploded at my child's unselfish nature.

This afternoon, when I picked Conor up at school, I asked Mademoiselle how the card exchange went. She said that they had every child give their Valentine's to the other children one by one. It took forever, she said, but Conor was amazing. Some children would just drop the Valentine into the other child's lap. But Conor went up to each child and said "This is just for you because I love you." She said, "I thought, Wowwww. Did his parents coach him last night!?!?"

No, we didn't. My little boy came up with that one on his own. And that's my best Valentine's day present ever.

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Anonymous said...

Awwwww, that has to be about the best "cute little boy comment" ever! Way to go, Connor :-)

(Way to go Anita & Dave!!)