Thursday, February 07, 2008

How Not to Look Like a Used Up Old Hag

In my quest to be more "shit giving" I bought a book, How Not to Look Like a Used Up Old Hag. Actually, the name of the book is How Not to Look Old, and it is about as vain as it sounds. Or worse.

The author is on the cover and although she is attractive, she sort of scares me, too. She's a bit too pink pastel for this feminist. (Yes, I am aware of the irony of a feminist buying a book to look pretty. Let's just say I'm a post-feminist)


I've been trying to new face cream and seriously, there are less wrinkles. (Oil of Olay Regenerist, if you must know) And I've been trying with the clothes and the mani/pedis. And I'm going back to my highlighted hair because it did look a lot better. (her hint: the older, the lighter)

And I have to be honest: folks are noticing.

Of course, it's a pretty big distance from dressing "to not be naked" to actually wanting to look like I give a shit much less to "not look old". And that alone could be accounting for the compliments. But it's rewarding. And maybe it will inspire me to drop these 10 lbs that I really don't need.

In the meantime, check out The Fashionable Academic. It's clearly not me, but it's fun.

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gabi said...

To be honest with you, as a healthcare pro, there's a middle ground between 'dressing to not be naked' and looking like a superannuated airline attendant. (These days maybe I wouldn't even be superannuated.) The hair is highlighted but there's no make up. The eyebrows have been neglected but the chin hairs are plucked. Hey, those damn chin hairs: they take it all out of me. I don't have any juice left to do much more. And forget about laser/electrolysis or anything else. One day when I retire and I live in a yurt my beard will keep my chin warm. :)