Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Winter of Our Ill Content

At lunch, a friend of mine turned to me and said "When did you get all that gray?"

"Ummmm, I just dyed my hair for the wedding we went to! It was a lot worse before, I was looking like the Bride of Frankenstein and no one was denying it. I thought it looked much better now!"

Apparently, it doesn't. I do wonder what my friend would have said in my mother-of-the-bride red jacket/black lace outfit that I wore to the wedding. (I'm noticing a "Bridal" theme here, which I had not intended) Our relatives at the wedding all claimed to think that I was being facetious until I pointed out the 55 year old woman wearing pretty much the same outfit I was. She was looking like a hottie. I was looking like a nottie.

Whatever. It's just really hard to get all excited about shopping at this weight. I feel like I should be able to wear something that doesn't make me look like a walrus, but I have not been able to find such a thing. Plus with the gray and the wrinkles, well, it's just hard to look in the mirror sometimes.

Speaking of things past their prime, I think the fall garden had gone kaput. We had one cold snap earlier this fall, but everything survived. This time, with three days of 30 degree or below temperature*, everything is dying. We did get our one and only broccoli harvest last night and I would like to say IT WAS DELICIOUS! So I shall say it: it was quite tasty. I harvested it about 30 minutes before I cooked it, and even Dave noticed that it tasted completely different from store bought broccoli (and in a good way. Sometimes I have to clarify such things). The garden catalogues just arrived, so we'll start planning for spring. And planting broc a lot earlier next year.

*Dude, it is like Rockford cold around here. It has been COLD!

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gabi said...

Yes definitely about the lardie bits and not enjoying shopping. Except I'm probably taller than you are. Yesterday I was telling a patient who is an internist about my cat and his type 2 diabetes. She had not known that cats sporting beer guts can get diabetes. Diabetic cats can be put into remission so they don't need insulin injections. Unlike humans who unfortunately have access to the refrigerator and the baked goods section of the supermarket.

After the appointment when I stood up she looked and I agreed: yup, I got the old Molson Muscle happening too.......sigh.


(I guess maybe I should go on the same raw food diet as my cat?)