Friday, January 04, 2008


We've had a really hard time getting Conor to wear his mittens at school. Considering the cold snap we're having, it's been very frustrating.

Then yesterday, at school, I saw that all the other kids were wearing gloves. And this morning on the way to school, Conor told Dave that he hated the mittens and promised to wear gloves like Daddy's once we got them. Then his teacher confirmed that "mittens" are considered by the class to be what little boys wear and big boys wear gloves.

He's been embarrassed about wearing some of this clothes and I've been too stupid to figure it out. Being a Big Boy is a Big Deal to our little guy. And I feel really guilty. I am an old hag, but I still have times when I realize I'm not wearing what everyone else is (e.g., mother-of-the-bride outfits at a wedding when I am not), and I feel so self-conscious.

Ugh. This one really pokes at me. We're going glove shopping over the weekend and we're going to let Conor pick out the ones he wants.

And in other news, yes, I've been following the Britney Breakdown today. Bless her heart. She's been spiraling downhill for a while and I really hope they keep her in the hospital until she can function sanely again. Looking at those pictures of her in the ambulance and it's clear she is not sane. Does she even have any clothes on? Thank goodness, too, that she didn't harm her boys. I hope this is her chance to get some real help and get it back together. I'm not a fan of hers, but watching anyone lose his or her mental health is pretty sad.


Anonymous said...

I plan to keep checking back until we're treated to some Conor cozy fingers pictures :-)

Carroll (still at odds with upgraded Blogger comments "feature")

OneTiredEma said...

But where did you find Conor sized gloves? I have been looking for articulated fingers for little kids for years! But Old Navy size 4 is still a touch big for Miss M.