Monday, January 14, 2008

5 Years Together

This weekend, Dave and I wrote up our Yearly Things To Do Around the House list. I'm sure most of you just freaked out that people would do such a thing and let me be frank, I'm the one who feels most comfortable with this list. Although the Observer suggests such things as "Check Batteries in Fire Alarms", as owners of a 70 year old house, our list contains such things as "Demolish the Bathroom" and "Kill the Ivy."

What's nice about 4 years of making lists together is how we've grown as a couple. Previously, Dave would add things that I would consider on the immediate weekend to-do list (rake leaves) and I would add a zillion minuscule things to "fix" around the house (reframe pictures). Now we focus on what things we really want to do in the house (Kill the Ivy, Paint the House) and what things can wait for a while (recessed lighting in the living room; new garage doors).

Our little joint list making exercise this year really made me feel like we've grown and grown together as a couple over these last 5 years.

Which makes Saturday night's tug-o-rama with the covers so much more annoying. Let me ask you, gentle reader, how you turn over in your sleep at night? Do you twirl under the covers thus leaving them in their approximate position or do you grab hold and roll yourself in them like a cocoon leaving your bed partners with 1/2 inch of covers left on her side of the bed? Twirling is OBVIOUSLY the more bed partner friendly method of turning over at night and allows all parties to sleep better because one is not waking up with a freezing ass and yanking the covers as hard as she can off her 6'4" sleeping giant of a husband. Just to use some examples, for argument's sake.

In any case, I'm still exhausted and I think I'm getting an arm workout during the night. Or that could be my 2 hours of Ivy Killing on Saturday afternoon.

Oh, and yes. We have checked "Clean and Organize the Closets" off the list already. It's a happy thing! It was actually on last year's list, but still. We've checked off this year's list already!



Eleanor Q. said...

I am a blanket cocooner, much to the dismay of my husband. We "discuss" this problem at least once a week. I have often suggested that two blankets would solve this "problem" and keep everyone warm, but he is of the opinion that sharing a bed and sleeping together means sharing a blanket too. I'd love to hear any solutions you come up with!

Anita said...

I shout out Twirl! Twirl! at various times during the night.

It makes me very popular in our house.

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely a cocooner. But Carter, who thinks he isn't a blanket stealer, steals big time, so I have to cocoon.

However, I can deal with cover stealing, because, my dear dear husband has improved greatly, because he used to be a twirler ... in the air. He'd launch himself into the air and spin from front to back or back to front and land XXX pounds heavy on the bed, sending the reverberating springs aquiver from here to timbucktoo. And annoying me greatly in the process.

Right now we do have two comforters ... and one hangs further on my side, one further on his, but we meet in the middle. (awww.)