Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Into the 21st Century

Woohoo!! Woohoo!!! WOOOHOO!!!!

That is a textual reenactment of my excitement over our new Netflix subscription. While I have no doubt that many of you have been using Netflix for years, we have just started. And being the movie losers that we are, we have a boatload of movies to catch up on.

And how convenient! We saw our first movie on Saturday (Casino Royale; Daniel Craig.... YUM!) and our second movie has arrived today. Honestly, I feel like a grown up now.

We're going to watch movies. In our own home. Without commercials.

We're pretty psyched about that.


Anonymous said...

Hah! You're way ahead of us, Anita. I do actually use my cell phone sometimes now though -- if I remember to take it with me...and it happens to be charged. I tell ya, the path out of this tar pit, it's rugged!


Piratewench said...

While Netflix is okay, Blockbuster is pretty darned cool too (okay, what I really mean is "WAY BETTER.")

With the Blockbuster mailing program, you can take your movie back to your local Blockbuster to return it. That does two things.

1. It logs it in the Blockbuster database immediately and you don't have to wait for them to physically receive your movie before they ship the next one out.

2. You can swap that movie for another one, there from the store=instant movie gratification!!!!

Well, I don't mean to rain on the Netflix parade...after all, this is a big step for you guys...but you may consider Blockbuster some time if you want a couple additional perks!

Have fun!!!

Anita said...

Yes, but you suppose we would actually get our sorry butts out of the house and GO to a blockbuster!

that is why netflix works for us!!