Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Outed by a Three Year Old

Yesterday, when I picked up Conor, I stopped by that day's responses from circle time.

The question: Where Do You Sleep?

Uh-oh, I thought. We are so going to get busted!

Conor's response: My mommy says yes! And then I go sleep with her!!

Yikes!! Now everyone is going to know we are the freaky granola parents who let their children sleep with them.

Then I read William's* response: I sleep in mommy and daddy's bedroom. And sometimes my little brother Brad comes in, too!

And Chantal's response: I sleep in my mommy's bed! She lets me!

And Meegan: I sleep with Mommy and Daddy.

Indeed, 7 of the 9 children reported sleeping in their parent's beds. And I'm sure we all kept it secret (because it's such a no-no!), until we were outed by our children thus showing how incredibly ordinary it is to snuggle with your bunnies in bed.

*Of course, the names have been changed to protect the snuggle bunnies!


nancy said...

The Girl sleeps in our bed too. I am totally addicted. The other night Norman was out of town, and I could hardly wait until she woke up so I could bring her into bed with me. I have to tell you I never, EVER thought I would do this, and thought my sib's were NUTS sleeping with their kids. Who knew it was really a little slice of heaven?

Carroll said...

Excellent - maybe the world is finally coming around to a sane perspective on this after all :-)

OneTiredEma said...


Every morning by 7 we have four in our bed. Although Miss M is so kicky and bedhoggy I ship her over to Taxman once she nurses (still! augh!). I love snuggling with AM though--he's my cuddle pal.

Anonymous said...

Celeste doesn't any longer, but Quinn does when she's having a bad night. It helps me sleep, but she has literally kicked Carter out of bed, so there is a little problem there.

Victoria said...

Perfect! My snugglers (4 and 7) both slept with us until they were three. And I'd *still* have 'em in bed if hubby would "allow". =)