Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I Can See Clearly Now...

We have new windows.

Project Warm the House is finally done. They installed our new double hung windows on Monday. (I didn't know what that meant originally, but apparently, each pane of glass has a "partner" and there is also gas in between the two panes.) In any case, it's supposed to make us warmer. Or at least stop the breezes like the one I felt on my neck last week. When the window was closed.

Even better, we can OPEN the windows now. I know, I know, windows are supposed to open, but the ones in our bedroom, family room and kitchen did not. And that could be a problem when I burned food. We'd open the back door beside the kitchen, but it really didn't help clear out the smoke before the fire alarm went off and ADT would call up asking for our password. Unfortunately, the only password I can easily remember is our hostage password and I really don't like giving that one out, essentially inviting the SWAT team over for dinner when I've burnt it already.

In any case, we opened the window in the kitchen this morning, the better to enjoy our 62 degree sunrise. (So not kidding. It's too warm for winter) And we also noted that we actually have a three tier alarm system. First, there is the alarm. Then there are the toys scattered around the house like an obstacle course. We would fully expect that any burglar would trip and fall on Thomas the Tank, Clifford the Big Red Dog ball, or any of a variety of stuffed animals occupying our floor. Finally, there would be Patches. Patches would be able to pin any fallen burglar down licking him to death. Or until the police arrived. Patches has the most vicious bark. He really sounds ferocious. But he only wants to love the people that he meets. Fortunately, most people don't know that. (However, if they knew that all the fight scenes with Lassie involved Lassie actually playing with others and the growls dubbed in, they might not be so afraid.)

School starts tomorrow. Hooray! I'm only being a little bit sarcastic.

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