Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Apparently, Some of the Advice Works

Yesterday was the last day of classes for this school year.



Besides being THRILLED OUT OF MY SKULL that the last day of classes was here, I realized I had not worn the pretty dress I bought last fall with the express purpose of impressing my students that I actually could look decent. I also had purchased the Appropriate Support Garmet (girdle slip) as recommended by my How Not to Look Like a Used Up Old Hag book. I have to admit that I felt pretty.

I walked into the classroom and everyone oohed and ahhed over my new dress. (Although I do try more on days that I teach, I still think it's obvious that my usual motto for dressing is to Not Be Naked) Then one particularly attractive woman said "Oh my GOSH! You've lost so much weight!! How much weight did you lose?!!?!?"

I replied, "20 lbs??? 30?? Exactly how fat did you think I was? Check minus for you!"

Actually, no I did not say that. It would have been funny. Admit it. And I didn't even say "Girrrrl! I'm wearing a girdle! I haven't lost any weight at all!!!" Normally, I would say that, but I'm trying to be more discreet lately. (ha!) I just said, Oh, I don't know! But I thought this was such a pretty dress!!

And then I thought, good advice, this control slip. I do look nice!

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Anonymous said...

OK, I'm thinking we be needing some pictures here pretty soon, Anita. First the professional photo shoot, now this. Just hand Conor the camera one of these days and ask him to snap a few of his Hot Mommy!!

And three cheers for the last day of classes!!!!!