Thursday, May 01, 2008

Not Quite Getting the Point

Two scenes from daycare.

Scene #1

Conor is running around the room. He goes up to the one child in the room who I can safely guess his parents are Republican. They still have their Bush sticker on their car from the last election. Conor obviously has no conception of "Democrat" or "Republican" but nonetheless, he leans over the other boy and says Obama! Obama!! ObamaObamaObama!! (It is a fun word to say). The other boy rears back, scrunches his face, and says "Stop saying that!!!"

Yes, indeed. Parents do pass their politics on to their children. (At least when they are really young!) ;-)

Scene #2

The teacher asks Conor what does Obama mean. Conor tells him it's the sign, with the two poles that goes where the grass lives.

"Yes," the teacher says, "but what does it mean?"

Conor thinks a bit about this one. "It means keep off the grass."


gabi said...


I actually did. :)


Anonymous said...

Heeeee :-)

And, if you tried to explain the concept of someone "running for President", no doubt he would develop some sort of Forrest Gump concept about the whole matter of political contests.

Gotta love those little brains.


Scott said...

I like that