Sunday, April 20, 2008

This and That

You know, considering the name of the blog, I do think it's ok to sometimes have a collection of topics in one post.

So, the lupron. I am not having night sweats or hot flashes. No indeedy. I am not having any of the typical menopause symptons. Instead, my main side effect is that I am a bitch. (More so than usual) And I am tired, really, really tired. Yeah, so I'm bitchy and tired. Who wants to be around me in about 15 years!? Won't that be fun!

On a more amusing note, last week I went to collect Conor from daycare. His school has a separate class for art and the kids go there at assigned times. I arrived when Conor was still arting. I walked into the atelier (really, that's what they call it), and I saw my son running around the room with his Thomas the Tank sunglasses on, a wand, wings, and a long pink frilly dress.

"Mommy!! I'm a butterfly! I'm a butterfly!"

"You're beautiful, son!" I called back to him. The teacher was worried that I would be upset upon seeing my son in a long pink frilly dress. (Little does she know!)

"The kids all love that dress," she reassured me. "They all want to wear it."

"Oh, that's fine," I assure her. "But the next time he puts it on, could you get a camera?!" I was thinking to myself, I don't care if he goes to the prom with a girl, a boy or a turtle, that picture is definitely coming back out!

We're anticipating fun times at school this week. In "honor" of the Va Tech massacre, students who believe that they should be able to carry concealed weapons on campus with the correct permits are planning on wearing their empty holsters to class all next week. As this is their first amendment right to protest (which I fully support), we have been instructed on not drawing attention to the students nor singling them out of anything bad. However, that's definitely NOT what we need: students who are hopped up on hormones, lacking the requisite amount of sleep and often hungover or high being able to carry guns to class. Yeah. Not so much. We have been instructed about how to contact the police should something be amiss, but I doubt there will be problems. I imagine the students are taking very seriously the limits of what they can and cannot do as part of their protest. I also suspect there will soon be a counter demonstration and that their goals are going to backfire. I am not looking forward to class next week. I sincerely hope none of my students are going to do this.

That's about all! (It's enough!) My cycle started over the weekend, so I'm going in on Monday to have my next round of blood work and then find out when I start my estrogen and Hcg! I'm hoping that This, That and the Mother Bitch will be able to retire for a few more years.

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Anonymous said...

"This, that, and the Mother Bitch" (snort!) Man, certainly have had an interesting time with this whole process. I have a vision of you, with your current hormonally hyped "attitude" confronting any potentially confrontational students with a neon sign on your forehead that's flashing a "Don't Mess With Me!" message. Also, loved the image of Conor as a butterfly. Sure sounds like that daycare place you worked so hard to keep him in is a wonderful place indeed :-)

Good luck this week!