Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Why We are Lucky

This is a dramatic retelling of Conor's preschool meltdown this morning.

Watching Daddy set down the breakfast plates, Conor self-righteously demands: I WANT MY BAGEL!!!!!

Daddy: Ummm, you're holding it.

Conor: Oh! ((giggles))


Conor: I have more hungry. My tummy needs more food.

Mama: Do you want a banana? A grape?

Conor: I want something I like. ((he begins to slyly eye his pumpkin filled with candy))

Mama: I see you looking at the pumpkin. I know you want candy. But we don't eat candy at breakfast. That's our family rule.

Conor, lower lip trembling, in a serious frown: I want....I want...I want...(the tears start and he gets a defiant tone)....I want a book.

Mama and Daddy: Ok.

I'm really not kidding. Those are real honest to God(dess) quotes from this morning. We are very lucky. And, yes, we know it.


april said...

OMG, that is hillarious! How did you not just die laughing when he said that? It would have been so hard to stifle cracking up.

Victoria said...

Okay - those are too funny!!!