Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cuteness Sans Curls



OneTiredEma said...

Eep! He looks so much older!

Still cute, though.

(Does he have an opinion about it?)

Victoria said...

So handsome!

lisa said...

I hate to shoot holes in your argument about the curls, but:

A. I still see curls.
B. I still think he looks a lot like you. Sorry, Dave.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I've missed it, but have you taken him to the dentist yet?

Since you breastfed exclusively with no bottle or soother, he should have excellent palatal development.


Elizabeth said...

Our little boys are so grown up! And both so cute--even with fewer and shorter curls. Carter got his curls snipped off last weekend, but they're already sprouting back.

Scott said...

I like it